Back to u,back for good

Hello there,guys!Finally I could come back to update "Salle Pleyel" for our pleasure & love for classical music.
It seems to me a lot of time has passed since the last post of mine here,but,u know,there r things in life u can not avoid to do & overcome.Anyway,I just wanna be carefree for a while,as I've been busy since October 2016.
Enjoy this piece by 2cellos & their orchestra;
have a joyful Summer,full of music & love!


Blog Suspension

Unfortunately,I won't be able to update Salle Pleyel,at least until August,for personal reasons.
Anyway,u can always come & visit Salle Pleyel,checking out all the present categories "Meetings" on the left side.

Always keep on listening to music:I'll be back with amazing songs & pieces,I promise!